Organizers mostly asked us two things: reserved seating, and better invoicing.

Seat reservation

At ReverseTicket, we believe that the organizers should be able to edit their own events. With reserved seating, this required us to build a seat map creator from scratch.

The organizers can build their own seat map with our editor: adding seated and general admission sections, shapes and text.

In the next step, assign ticket types to the seats or sections - these can be free, fixed price and dynamically priced tickets.

There's still no basket: the buyers have to pay for their tickets, then they have 30 minutes to choose seats. After finalizing the reserved seats, they get their tickets. This way, no one can reserve a lot of seats - without actually paying.

All of this comes at no extra cost at all.


Don't need an invoice? Then you don't get one: according to Hungarian law, the ticket can serve as a bill, if it has a sequence number on it. Our tickets are valid bills. Of course, invoices are created upon request. Just tick the box when buying a ticket.

Organizers who don't have to pay VAT can issue invoices directly without VAT. Every organizer also can choose to use their own invoicing platform.  This means that they get their money instantly after a purchase. Currently we support billingo and integration.

Custom fields

Organizers can add custom fields to any ticket type. The buyers have to fill these fields for each ticket. This feature is great for collecting names, ID numbers, food allergies or anything an organizer needs.

The update is out now

And you can start using it right away. Just give it a try at!

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