Ticket sales for the System Of A Down 2020 concert held in Budapest caused a huge scandal. Servers were breaking down and fans couldn't buy their tickets safely. Over a thousand angry commentators attacked the organizer Live Nation on Facebook. Of course, memes and re-sellers appeared quickly too.

Their system did not work with Pilvaker either. That sale happened a year ago, but developers still couldn't fix the problem. Many ex-university commentators wept for the return of Neptun system, which is infamous for its horrible platform and quality.

The problem was also written on 24.hu:

Buyers were complaining about not being able to buy a ticket. One of our colleagues said that he tried to log in several times between 10 and 10:45, but the site always threw him out.

Of course, commentators also expressed their views in the form of memes, such as:

...and, as usual, the scalpers flew to the re-selling sites. For example Viagogo one could find the "Offer of the Year":

...Hungarian re-seller sites contributed too:

What is the solution?

You can switch to stronger and more expensive servers, but in case of huge over-demand, it is not worth much. A system that promotes users accessing the site at different times while ensuring fair sales is needed.

If the concert tickets had been sold with dynamic pricing, fans would have had time to buy their tickets. The sale with dynamic pricing would have started at a high price. Tickets would not have sold out in the first few minutes, leaving time for everyone. When closing the sale (by sector), everyone would have paid the lowest price, uniformly. Fans would not fall prey to the dirty psychological tricks to sites like Viagogo. They would have the opportunity to buy tickets from the organizer. The organizer would have been able to increase his revenue, as the demand for tickets was high.

Another problem was with the shopping cart. A shopping cart is something that is completely useless in a ticketing system. It makes tickets seem unavailable for some time. When a ticket is not paid it gets released, reappearing again on the website. We write about this problem in detail here. There is no such thing as a shopping cart in ReverseTicket. The first person paying for the ticket gets the ticket.

Next time, we hope they sell smarter and more fairly. We made ReverseTicket for that. Next time you don't want to miss out on your favorite event, tell the organizers to use a sales system that's fairer for everyone.