Do you work with promoters or sell tickets at the venue too? With ReverseTicket, you can make offline sales more convenient than ever.

It might be the perfect solution if you sell your tickets on the spot or if you work with promoters too. For example, in Hungary, at high school parties, customers typically do not have a credit card, so they pay in cash to a promoter. The promoter is usually a classmate of them whom is connected to the organizer. The administration of the paper tickets is pretty complicated here. However, ReverseTickets brings an innovation to this field. Furthermore, provides live statistics.

In our system we simplify the process of selling through promoters and at venue.

This is how the "Ticket type" page appears to the seller

If you have permission to do so, a Ticket button will appear in red on the ticket type page instead of the Buy Now button. Click this button to enter the number of items and the customer's email address and confirm your purchase.

When you press the red button, the tickets are created

In this case, you will immediately receive tickets that you can print.

The page where you confirm the transaction
The printable "paper" ticket

In addition, if you enter the buyer's email address, the customer will also receive their tickets.

The email received by the buyer

In our system, the organizer can see at a glance how many tickets he has sold, and which promoter (or cashier) he owes him, so it's easier to settle.

In our Statistics Menu you can track total sales as well as the revenue for each promoter individually

This offline sales are only available with fixed price tickets and are completely free for everyone.

Related to paper tickets we offer thermal printing at site.

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