New features:

  • Seatmap designers can enable autosave when creating seatmaps
  • Seatmap designers can set border color and width for rectangles and circles on the seatmap.
  • Seats on a seatmap are always in the foreground
  • Seatmap designers can specify the horizontal and vertical gap between seats when creating a section
  • Promoters see a "new sale" button after a successful sale, making it easier to sell more tickets

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where unexpected answers from Barion caused a transaction to fail
  • Fixed a bug where the lack of Barion callbacks caused transactions to remain in a prepared state
  • Organizers can now always edit the "sale start time" of a tickettype
  • Events with seat reservation selected but no tickettypes are now editable
  • Links are working on the ticket and transaction pages

Other modifications:

  • Event and validity dates are now visible on every ticket
  • Improved translation strings