Do you organize events, sell tickets? You probably pay three times the commission you think. Why?

Ticketing companies usually live off their commissions. It can be a percentage or a fixed price. This can be withdrawn at two points: from the buyer (at the time of purchase) and from the seller (at the time of payment). Most companies are silent about this. Their service seems cheap, but it is actually not.

Let's take a look at how much commissions are actually being asked by top sellers in Hungary for an average 3000 HUF ticket:

  • Buyers are often charged a "transaction fee" or "e-fee" of about 250-300 HUF.
  • The organizers pay a commission of around 2-5%.

Thus, ticket selling sites get about 10% of the price paid by buyers.

There are systems where this is even more unreasonable. Some ticketing sites deduce an extra 25-50 HUF from buyers. This amount they pay to the organizer later. This could be simplified. The organizer just would have to pay 50 HUF more to the seller. Easier accounting, less psychological tricks.

Let's face it: for a 3000 HUF ticket the transaction fees are around 280 HUF, and the seller pays the organizer 50 HUF per ticket. Thus, the commission charged by the ticket selling site is 230 HUF, which is 7.7% of the 3 000! The buyer pays 3280 HUF.

In contrast, with ReverseTicket the commission is fixed at 3%. So, in the example above, if the ticket is priced at 3100 HUF, the buyer pays only 3193 HUF instead of 3280 HUF. The organizer pays 3100 HUF instead of 3050 HUF. Everybody's better off. No lowercase letters, no tricks, no scams. Customers are thankful for transparency.

... and when it comes to tricks and mockery: buyers usually only come into contact with the transaction fees at the last minute, after entering their billing information. The cost of transaction fees is not always predictable. We think that this is really unfair. Unfortunately many traditional ticketing platforms work the same way. Innovation, transparency, and fairness are far from them.

Since we believe in transparency, we only charge 3% as commission. This is just enough to cover our costs of issuing your bill and accepting your credit card.

If you want to see how much less you would pay by working with us, go and try the interactive calculator at our website.

"How can you keep our commission so low? There must be a trick." - you might think. Good news: no tricks or mockery. We believe that a service provider must provide added value. Thus, we only request commissions from the organizers if we increase their revenue. This is achieved through our dynamic pricing system. Even in this case, we ask just enough commission to still give them plenty of value.

Would you like to pay the third of your current commission? Start using ReverseTicket. If your events are popular, consider using dynamic pricing to increase your revenue too.

What is the situation in your country? What is the real price you pay? Feel free to contact and inform us. We will do our best to make ReverseTicket appear in your country too! Let's make ticketing fair together!